In the first week of class we covered School’s Acceptable Use/Internet Safety Policies, otherwise known as CIPA. I was not knowledgeable of what this policy entailed or that it existed until this lesson. I did, however, learn much about it. This policy to my surprise was extremely lengthy as well as negative in a sense. I agree that we need to keep kids protected from many things in today’s generation, so as far as what they cannot do I agree with for the most part keeping their protection as is in this policy. What I was against is that they only talk about what the kids cannot do instead of also focusing on what they are permitted to do. Kids in my opinion are more likely to do things that they are not allowed to do just to see what they can get away with and would try to go through any loop hole to get what they want.

I think also that it is ridiculous that teachers as well as students are blocked from getting to different sites and have to put in a request form to get access. In my opinion this is a waste of the teachers time and prohibits them from getting lessons that they may need to do or work done in the time frame that they may had planned.

As far as it affecting me in my life, I am unsure if in my job field it would, but maybe someday if I decide to have children it would take play in my life in that sense. However, it is always interesting to learn new things and considering I did not know this policy existed before I take it as a learning experience if not anything else.


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